Perfect Wedding Color Combinations

Wedding color combinations are extremely important in your wedding planning. In fact, choosing a color palette is one the first decisions a couple should make. You will need to know your wedding colors to make most of your wedding decisions including dresses, flowers, decorations, table cloths, centerpieces, hair pieces, invitations... just about anything in the wedding.

We have made choosing wedding colors incredibly easy by providing you with a very extensive, easy to use color palette collection. The color combinations are divided by season and by color, so you have two ways to choose.

Wedding Color Swatch Book

During your wedding planning, you will want to have your colors with you all the time. Planning is an ongoing process that happens at all times of the day, so you never want to be without your colors as a reference. One of the best ways to carry your color palette with you is to get fabric swatches of each color - a swatch book. You can create a copy for every member of your planning crew so all are on the same page.

Your colors and their swatches are also excellent brainstorm tools. You will be amazed how having them available will generate ideas as things pop up during research, shopping, and just every day life.

Wedding Colors vs. Wedding Style

You will use your colors to PAINT your wedding style.

Your style is the look of the wedding created by the way you want approach your theme. All the things you want to in include in your theme, their style, and the mood you want to create make up the style.

This is why we say the two most important wedding planning decisions are choosing your colors and choosing your wedding theme. Colors and theme go hand in hand, each tells a beautiful story about the other. The section on how to choose your wedding color combinations will help you choose your perfect wedding colors by helping you refine your wedding theme and the style of that theme.

Remember that a theme and the wedding theme ideas that make up that theme can be anything you can dream up. It can be a color, a color scheme, an object like lace, a feeling like 'airy', a specific theme like country, a style like vintage and so much more. The colors you choose will help paint the picture of that theme, its style and the mood you want.

Keep an open mind about the colors. There are many amazing color palettes that will fit your style with looks and feels you never considered.

"Choosing your wedding colors will be one of the most satisfying decisions you will make for your wedding."


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