Choosing Wedding Centerpiece Vases

Wedding centerpiece vases are extremely important to your centerpiece decision making. In fact, they are virtually as important as the flowers.

The flowers will always be beautiful, but what you put them in will completely change their look, feel, height, shape, size, color impact, and mood.

Different vase shapes and sizes will change the height and shape of the arrangement. Colored wedding vases will complement or contrast the flowers and add more color to the table. Different vase textures will alter the style of the centerpiece and add interest below or around the wedding flowers.

Vases : Anything That Holds Water

There are many different styles of clear wedding centerpiece vases on the market, but current styles of vase possibilities are far more than that. Beautiful wedding vases now can be just about anything that will hold water.

Great designers realized that the vase tells a story and it can be used to complement everything the wedding is about. Look at the pictures below and see how simply changing the vase completely alters the mood and look of the flower arrangement. Same flower, but each can be used with completely different wedding theme ideas.

Wedding centerpiece vases could be: a white paper bag with a bow around it, a small cardboard box wrapped in fabric, a wine glass, a tea cup, a bird cage filled with flowers, baskets, brandy glasses, mason jars or literally any interesting container that suits your style wedding.

Interesting Is Memorable

Interesting vase ideas and centerpiece ideas take wedding reception tables to the next level. Their colors and style make the wedding more special, personal and memorable.

Every bride wants their wedding to be memorable. Defining your theme and colors is one of the easiest ways to do it, and very powerful. Before you know it, you will have painted a wonderful picture for everyone to see and feel.

Using your colors boldly and making easy statements with your centerpieces, flowers and d├ęcor will quickly create wonderful continuity from the wedding to the reception. A few creative ideas will refine the story and make that picture far more memorable.

Wedding centerpiece vases play a vital role in the arrangement. They can be one or many, big or small, ordinary or unexpected. What ever you choose, make it about you, your theme and your colors. You will find hundreds of ideas throughout this site, so keep an open mind.

Design Tip: Make the table and the centerpieces work together in presenting your style, colors and theme. Use your color scheme and theme in the linens, favors, centerpieces, vases and decor. Use these things to spread your colors all the way to the edges of the table. The whole table will become a beautiful and colorful display of your theme and style.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Centerpiece Vases

1) Don't Obstruct the View. You will want to either keep the centerpieces shorter than 14 inches or tall and thin so your guest can see each other. A tall broad centerpiece is a conversation stopper because the guests simply can't make eye contact across the table.

2) Vases to Fit Style. Wedding centerpiece vases should tell a story. This is so easy to do and the better they fit your wedding theme ideas, the more eye-popping and memorable they will be.

3) Choose Original Vases. Original vases, styles and ideas make for loads of visual interest. Unexpected is always fun, interesting and memorable.

4) Choose Simple Centerpieces. A centerpiece doesn't have to be complex to be beautiful. Centerpieces can be as simple as several displays of one flower in a unique vase and look amazing! Small simplicity is usually better than big complexity.

5) Vary Vase Height. Using vases of different height is an excellent design trick that automatically creates a lot of visual interest.

6) Vary Look and Color. You can create a massive amount of visual interest just simply by changing the color or look. Varying the look of the vases within the same style will introduce different shapes, sizes and textures creating more visual interest.

7) Small Vases for Accents. Smaller wedding centerpiece vases may complement a primary arrangement in the middle or may just stand on their own. Either way, there are several advantages here. Small vases and arrangements are cheap, easy and can spread the centerpiece all the way out to the plates. They allow you to use fewer flowers. They give you the option to change flowers, colors, shapes and sizes to create a very inexpensive yet stunning table. They allow you to use many other props scattered in between the smaller centerpieces that further enhance your story.

8) Vase Colors. You should have already chosen a color scheme, but if you haven't, Wedding Color Combinations has an absolutely wonderful selection that will help you with choosing your wedding centerpiece vases. The more you use your colors and the more creative you are with them, the more eye-popping your wedding will be. Main colors and accent colors are key to making an arrangement and the entire table come alive!

9) Outdoor Vases. You don't want tall centerpieces or wedding centerpiece vases that will blow over outside.

10) Table Size. If you have large tables, you will want to have one primary centerpiece and/or several smaller ones to cover the space. Make sure your centerpiece/s and the articles that complement it encompass the table. Spread your complementary arrangements, decorations and colors all the way out to the plates. If you do, your table will look amazing.

The images below are very simple examples of how a different vase and vase color completely changes the look, feel and theme application of the arrangement. The flower is the same in each one (a single hydrangea head), white background, same lighting, no distractions. Imagine several of these and variations of these spread across a table mixed in with your color scheme of linens, favors, and complementary decorations. Beautiful, Cheap, and so Easy!

You will find hundreds of easy, cost-effective centerpiece ideas throughout this site. Keep an open mind to possibilities that may work with your wedding theme and write them down! Remember how important the vases are and use them to enhance your theme. Also remember that you can always change the colors of any arrangement to fit your color scheme.

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