The Victorian Wedding Theme

The Victorian Wedding Theme is about the impeccable style of living, fashion and decor that existed during the reign of Queen Victoria between 1837-1901. The jewelry, dresses, decor, appointments, hair and fashion were all very ornate. When done well, the Victorian wedding theme is truly an event to remember.

THIS IS WEDDING BRAINSTORMING. The following is a brainstorm section full of victorian wedding ideas. The point is to throw ideas and words at you to inspire you and get you quickly thinking about what you want your own wedding to be like. After reading this page, make your own list. Write as fast as possible all the dreams and ideas you have in your head. Without even knowing it, you will quickly generate your look and feel.

Research the Victorian Era

Before going much further, you might want to do a little research on movies set in the Victorian era. You will get a great idea of the style possibilities this way. You will also know immediately if this theme is for you.

Victorian Wedding Clothing

The clothing, particularly the dresses, are without a doubt the most important elements in this theme. The dresses visually explain what this theme is about. They are a big focal point in this theme and because they tell so much of the story, you will need to be very particular when choosing them. Fortunately you will have no problem finding amazing Victorian style dresses. Bridal shops everywhere have great selections of Victorian style dresses.

Mens' fashion is also important, so again, do your research. A good start would be a tailcoat, a waistcoat (a vest), a full cut tuxedo shirt, tuxedo pants with suspenders, a cravat, gloves, and square toe boots. You could finish off the look by accessorizing with a tophat and a walking stick.

Remember everything is ornate, so focus on the details such as hair, hair pieces, gloves, shoes, jewelry, and hats. Use family heirlooms, or shop the second hand stores for Victorian style accessories.

Victorian Wedding Locations

The second most important part of the Victorian wedding theme is the location. If it is indoors, it needs to look Victorian. So do your research and find a fitting location. Victorian style castles, churches, houses, or cottages all would work perfectly. There are also many restaurants, hotels and theme hotels around the country that are a perfect stage for such an event. If the location looks Victorian, a big chunk of the work is already done for you. When you add the dresses, you are most of the way home.

If you want to add to the decor, theatre companies and theatre prop/supply warehouses are perfect resources for renting accessories and props.

If you truly want to keep this theme simple, have the wedding outside; a beach or a garden wedding would be perfect. By doing this, you remove the expected elements of decor and you will only have to focus on the fashion, the hair, the jewelry and a few smaller decorations and appointments to maintain the theme. This is a great option because the Victorian wedding theme is still incredibly elegant, even at this most basic level.

Brainstorm: Victorian Wedding Ideas

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Flowers for a Victorian Wedding Theme

The most popular flowers are Roses, Tulip, Calla Lillies, Lily of the Valley, Hydrangeas, Gerbera Daisies, Peonies, Ranunculas, Stephanotis, Sweet Pea, Gardenias, Casablanca Lillies, Orchids, Lilacs, and Viburnum.

Choose your flowers based on your personal taste and your color scheme. There is no specific flower you need to stick with for the Victorian theme, just make the arrangements elegant.

For the Victorian wedding theme it may help to choose your flowers and your flower colors based on the colors of the attire, and the colors of the location. These two important elements play such a big visual role in this theme it might be a mistake not to at least consider theme when choosing your colors. The Wedding Colors section has an extensive selection of color palettes for your perfect idea of a Victorian wedding theme.

The Victorian wedding theme is a very beautiful and popular theme. If you choose to go with this theme, do a little more research on the attire. Get some pictures to refer to. It is an easy theme to pull off if you find good locations and choose your fashion well.


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