Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Tall wedding centerpieces are statuesque and visually dramatic. The first thing the guests will notice when they walk into the reception will be the stature and drama created by the tall centerpieces.

Tip: Lily Vases, Trumpet Vases, Eiffel Tower Vases and Tall Martini Vases are all perfect for tall centerpieces.

Tip: It is important to keep the centerpiece tall and thin up to the flowers, a "topiary shape" which allows the guests to make eye contact across the table. Tall thin vases accomplish this nicely.

Tip: A vase height greater than 16 inches is ideal.

Notice how simple the flower arrangements in these tall wedding centerpieces are. One type of flower in the tall pretty vase does the trick. But, you could consider adding other bits of color to arrangements like these by means of flowers, ribbons, bows, rocks, beads, feathers and colored vases to create even more charm and color.

The vases are very important to the look of the arrangement and can be any color, shape, style or height you wish. The page called Choosing Wedding Centerpiece Vases creates a better understanding of the countless vase possibilities and outlines how to choose the best vases for you. Think to yourself, "What can I do to this vase to make it fit my style, theme and color scheme?"


Ideas: Tall Wedding Centerpieces

The easiest way to create tall wedding centerpieces is to start with a tall, thin vase that automatically creates a topiary look. Here the flowers are grouped and wrapped together, then placed in the vase.


Tall hurricane vases are another option. This piece only sits about eighteen inches tall yet allows for good vision across the table because the overall piece is narrow. To add even more to this arrangement you could add black rock to the bottom or tie a black and white ribbon around the vase. Notice how the simple addition of black and white napkins and votives draws the eye across the table as opposed to the picture above where the eye goes to the center. Cool, right?! Draw the eyes out from the center!


Tulips are excellent for an easy tall wedding centerpiece because you really don't have to arrange them. The more stem that extends above the top of the vase, the more they will beautifully lop. Trumpet, Eiffel Tower, and Lily Vases work great with tulips.

One More Tip: Clear vases are often the vases of choice. If you would like to add color to the inside of a clear vase, there are many things you can do. Decorative things such as colored rocks, colored beads, flower petals, and flowers are all plop and drop solutions. Wrapping ribbon around the vase, or adding some pretty fabric around it are great ideas to add lots of color to the outside. Not only do these ideas add color, but they hide the not so attractive stems of the flowers.

One of the great advantages of the tall vase is that it allows flowers like tulips to lop out without lopping too much. This lopping is beautiful and dramatic. Vases 24" or taller will keep the lopping flowers out of the way of the way of the guests.


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