Simple Centerpieces Using Mason Jars

We love simple centerpieces. Mason jar centerpieces are no exception. They are easy to make and have a simple feel that makes them very beautiful.

The Mason jar is a terrific simple centerpieces vase for a country, garden or western theme wedding. It provokes emotions of harvest, canning, country and simple times.

Mason jars come in several different shapes and sizes so you can vary the height of the arrangements or keep them all the same.

The flower arrangements should be simple, not ornate. They can be arranged, tied or just tossed in and free standing. Generally, Mason jar centerpieces have that look of fresh picked flowers, usually free-standing and just tossed in the jars.

You might consider complementing Mason jar centerpieces with other wedding centerpieces that are in antique-ish or country looking containers. Consider including decorations such as ribbons and bows, raffia, grasses, country fabrics, eggs, rustic decorations, or antique decorations on the centerpieces and around the table. Any items that further tie your theme together and tell your story will make your table that much more memorable.

Ideas: Simple Centerpieces Using Mason Jars

Fresh cut daisies are a simply wonderful display. Green button poms are in the back.


Antique looking containers complement Mason jars well. A large gathering of Baby’s breath or other filler flowers is a very inexpensive way to do an arrangement. You can use single flower heads in small containers of differing height to create lots of color and visual interest.


Hydrangea has a very elegant country feel which makes it perfect for a Mason jar centerpiece. Hydrangea is available in just about every major wedding color. Notice these containers are the same height. Long rows or small groups of these are stunning.

Mason jar centerpieces are wonderfully simple centerpieces because the style of the jar/vase begs for a simple use of flowers. Like so many other creative centerpieces, they tell a story in a beautiful way that is very memorable.

Your chosen theme will help so much here. It will help define the colors, look and feel of your centerpieces. If you haven’t chosen a theme yet, go to the wedding theme section and do so.

Your theme can be as simple as a color or type of flower, but that decision and your chosen color scheme are so important to your wedding planning process they should be the first decisions you make.

You can also share your own centerpiece idea or real wedding pictures. We'd love to showcase them as wonderful inspiration for other brides.


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