Seashell Centerpieces

Seashell centerpieces are perfect for beach weddings.


Ideas for Seashell Centerpieces

Whatever your beach wedding style, the seashell centerpiece will add charm and grace to the reception.

Look how simply the clam shells at the top become a perfect addition of color and design. A little sand and a colored votive candle make it a wonderful little display. You could do so many things with this idea. What about colored or white sand? You could use glass votives to protect the flames from the wind. What if you added glass hurricanes to the display with similar shells and colors? You could add sand dollars and starfish between the displays.

The middle image shows the use of white sand, shells and a tropical fish. Notice how the candle is standing on a small upside down glass bowl.

The bottom image shows wonderful use of seashells, a candle and tropical flowers. Just one little critique about this beautiful idea - the candle here is dark purple but is getting a bit lost in the arrangement. Try a much lighter candle and you will see this wonderfully simple arrangement come alive. (This is where our wedding color combinations come in so handy. Simply use a lighter tone of color from your chosen palette.)

Creative Beach Wedding Tables

The many different shapes and sizes of seashells allow you to be very creative with how you display them. Remember that fillers like sand, salts, and water are very cheap. The more filler you use, the fewer expensive items like shells and flowers you will have to use.

Be sure to fill out the table by spreading your wedding colors around with good use of linens, flowers, small props, and big and/or small centerpieces and you will have a stunning table. Notice, for instance, the top two images both have blue table cloths (the table cloth and/or napkins are a great way to bring a lot of color to the tables). That sea of blue created by the blue table cloths does so much for the whole look of the tables and the wedding reception.

Expand your ideas for beach wedding centerpieces by delving into the section Building Blocks of Beach Weddings. Take notes on your ideas and use the images you see to create your perfect beach wedding.

Here are just a few summer color palette possibilities. Clicking on any one of them will take you to the color combinations main page.


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