Wedding Mason Jar Crafts
{Tutorials for the DIY Bride}

When done well, mason jars can be very chic and elegant parts of a wedding. These DIY mason jar crafts will help you to take your mason jar centerpieces and ideas to a whole new level.

"Even the most craft-challenged of DIY brides
can handle these wonderful and unique ideas.

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Mason Jar Crafts - The Jars

About Mason Jars
Mason jars actually come in several different sizes. We are used to seeing them in only one or two, but they come in 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32 ounce sizes. They also come in different shapes and textures. The sides may be straight or curved. The glass may be smooth or quilt textured. Each brand will have a different look to the raised writing on the glass. Some are short and stout, others are tall and thin.

The point is that all these shapes and sizes give you a lot of different choices. You can use all these choices to your advantage by mixing and matching different jars and varying their height, shape, color or look while sticking with the mason jar theme throughout.

The Mason Jar Look
You will notice one thing that is pretty universal about the look of wedding mason jars - they are imperfect. That is actually the point. The perceived character of the mason jar allows for imperfect beauty. You can toss in a few well chosen flowers and they look amazing. They don't have to be perfectly arranged, they can be tossed and scattered. Rustic accents, tattered ribbons, chalk board paints and other mason jar crafts open up all kinds of possibilities of loose style that relax the look of a wedding and reception.

Elegance does not have to be perfect, it can be tossed and tattered. Using mason jars is an excellent means of achieving that imperfect beauty. Dress them up with little bits of style and they take on a creative elegance all their own.

Since their character is imperfection, you don't have to be a professional florist to make them look amazing. But, you do need to take them to that next level with crafty ideas - otherwise they will just be mason jars. A little ribbon here, a little chalk there and suddenly you have something memorable and gorgeous!

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