Ideas for Centerpieces Using
Ornate Vases

Check out these beautiful ideas for centerpieces! They each make their own unique and elegant statement. A beautiful thing about ornate vases is that because the style of the vase is already busy enough, the flower arrangements can be very simple. Simplicity and ornate is an excellent design combination for wedding centerpieces.

K.I.S.S. With Ornate Vases

There are so many incredibly talented florists out there that can create stunning and very expensive flower arrangements. But remember, there is a lot of elegance in simplicity and good design. Fifty very expensive wedding centerpieces can add up the costs very quickly. A few wonderful ways to keep the cost down are to choose less expensive flowers, choose stylish vases that create character on the table, and to choose simple arrangements.

Ornate vases already have so much character that you can go either way with the flowers; over the top or simple and elegant. Most of the time it is better to go with simple and elegant design - not boring, but simple!

The braided grass makes a wonderful statement across the top of the roses. So many of the best ideas for centerpieces simply involve styled vases and things that create clean lines like the grass does here.

This could be many other types of flowers in this wedding vase, but these white ranunculus make a wonderful statement. Cover the vase up with your fingers. Notice how that style is suddenly missing. The flowers are still beautiful, but the look of the wedding table has completely changed.

This is the most difficult arrangement on this page because of the intricate organization of the flowers and the flower ring. The design is still clean and simple, and it does a wonderful job offsetting the ornate feel of the wedding vase. By the way, gray is an often overlooked wedding color, yet look how beautiful it is next to the pink.

More about Ornate Wedding Vases

Ornate wedding vases are abundant and come in so many different shapes and styles. They are perfect for Victorian, Black Tie, Vintage, and Garden wedding themes. They are excellent complements to wedding reception venues that already have this style of decor.

Their intricate floral shapes and leaf-like detail make them a powerful statement on a wedding table. Like so many creative vases, they significantly impact the style of the table and the wedding centerpiece.

Many ideas for centerpieces will be inspired by the shape and style of ornate centerpiece you find. You will find bowls, trumpets, urns, cups, handles, iron and glass. The shapes often curve like a woman's body.

Sometimes you don't know the exact direction you are going with your decorating your wedding table. You may be surprised that when you find the look of a vase you love how it can send you on a wonderful path.

As ideas for centerpieces become more vivid in your mind, write them down. You will be surprised how little design ideas you love can fit into so many different style wedding centerpieces and throughout your wedding table.

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