Glass Floating Candle Holders
{ tea light holders 101 }

This is a pretty lesson in glass floating candle holders { floating tea light holders }. We have seen the unfortunate mistake of using votive candles as floating candles enough times that we felt compelled to write a page about how to do it better.


Floating Tea Light Holders

Many brides attempt to make floating candle centerpieces with tea lights and place the tea lights directly in the water. This is a bad idea. The problem is that the tea lights barely float. You will see in the picture at the bottom of this page that the rim of each tea light is barely above water level. Any movement of the table and the tea lights fill with water, the flames go out, and you have a table full of unlit candles with ugly black wicks.

Use floating tea light holders like the ones below. They are cute little clear-glass floating bowls that often come with a tea light already in them. The tea lights come in many wedding colors, and the casings even come in clear plastic. They keep the candles dry, and the glass picks up lots of elegant reflections making for a much prettier display.

A bowl of just tea lights and glass floating candle holders will look pretty. But, this is a perfect opportunity to add even more color by tossing in a few flower blooms and letting them float around too. Big fluffy flowers like roses, peonies and football mums look the best because they sit high above the water and make the display more three-dimensional. Floating flowers and floating candles are gorgeous - The two together make for a very beautiful wedding centerpiece.

Optional Ideas for these Centerpieces

  • Try different shapes of glass floating candle holders.

  • Consider different shape bowls. The shape of the bowl should be interesting. It will bring a lot to the overall beauty of the centerpiece. We like clear bowls for this idea because they add depth and airiness to the centerpiece.

  • Consider different colors or types of wedding flowers. Try to be consistent with the type and color of flowers you use throughout your wedding. Those types and colors are a big part of your overall theme. See flowers by color for ideas.

  • Try using floating candles instead of floating tea light holders. (The sheen of the glass tea light holders adds a great deal of character and elegance to the display. We prefer them over floating candles alone.)

  • Add clear or colored-glass beads to the bottom of the wedding vases. You could also use rocks, pearls, or diamond cut beads.

  • A pillar candle could stand in the middle while the tea lights and flowers float around it. You could tie a ribbon around the candle or attach a colorful printed saying or pretty printed decorative initials to it.

  • A medium height cylinder vase could stand in the middle of the bowl with another floating tea light in it.

  • A number of pretty wedding vases could stand in the middle with a flower arrangement in it. Tie a ribbon on the vase for more color and style. See Choosing Wedding Centerpiece Vases for ideas.

Floating Tea Lights without Holders

Don't do this with your tea lights. Notice how close the tops of the tea lights are at or barely above the water level. One little bump of the table and they will fill with water. Floating candles or tea lights with glass floating candle holders are designed to float and sit higher in the water so they won't have this problem.

We love the colors of this centerpiece. Use the colors of the flowers to your advantage and play off them with your candles and other pretty things {like in the ideas above} that you might add to the centerpiece. Some of things most remembered about weddings are the little details. People so love to look at them - They are like eye candy.

{ One more note }

A little myth revolves around that idea that if you lop off the stem of a flower, the flower cannot feed. Actually it is quite the opposite - They feed better. You will find that flowers with little to no stem will last longer than flowers with stems.


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