Beach Floral Centerpiece Ideas

We love beach weddings! So many floral centerpiece ideas can be tweaked to suit the beach wedding theme - you just need to choose the right vase and include the right props and accessories.

All of these centerpiece ideas could be expanded upon by using complementary beach accessories, props and colors across the table. We stress throughout this site how much impact you can make on the overall look of the wedding reception by filling the table with your colors and theme, by bringing those ideas all the way to the edges of the table.


Ideas for Beach Wedding Centerpieces

This idea uses roses as the flower - not exactly a tropical flower. That is absolutely fine because you don't need to use a tropical flowers at all to make beautiful beach wedding centerpieces. It is the addition of other beach theme elements, in this case branches and moss that give this arrangement its wonderful beach mood.

White flowers are submerged both in water and in white sand; two elements that without a doubt say beach. The orchids are of course tropical, while the smaller cluster of flowers resembles coral. The mirror and the votive candles give the whole display a wider variation of height. What if some of the votives had white sand in them and maybe a seashell or a tuft of baby's breath to complement the bigger wedding centerpieces?

Optional Ideas for these Beach Centerpieces

  • Use the Beach Wedding Centerpiece Building Blocks Section. This section makes it so easy to brainstorm because all the beachy elements are laid out for you to pick and choose what you like.

  • Use colors from your wedding color combinations choice in ribbons, under water beads, or in the smaller centerpieces like the votives.

  • Use color and beachy elements creatively to add a beach flare to entire table. Using lots of color in different ways, even if that color is white, is what really makes tables beautiful and memorable.

  • What about a white vase with the roses and sticks centerpiece? It would hide the rose stems and create a nice beachy feel.

  • Small bowls or votives with white sand in them can go a long way in spreading out the color and style. Add a seashell, a flower, a twig and maybe a ribbon to each one.

  • Change the shape or color of the vases. We cannot stress enough how much impact the look and style of the vase has on the centerpiece and the table.

  • Use the Flowers By Color section to find different flowers for your beach centerpiece ideas. It is organized by color to make planning a snap - just click on your color.

This pretty hurricane lamp centerpiece has a wonderful tropical feel with the ferns, wicker and the flowers poking out the side. It is difficult to see, but there is a candle in the middle.

Each of these floral centerpiece ideas could easily work in a lot of different wedding themes. Yet, each has something about it that makes it feel beachy.

Always take into consideration your color scheme, theme and your personal feelings about the mood you want to create. When you get a good handle on the possibilities for your theme you will be well on your way to creating a beautiful and memorable wedding table.


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