Floating Candle Centerpieces
With a Flower Ring

We just love the way floating candle centerpieces look on a wedding reception table! This wonderful idea uses a foam flower ring that makes it so easy to combine the beauty of a candle on water with flowers. The best part is that the flowers don't have a vase!



Ingredients: Floating Candle Centerpiece Idea

1 Clear Glass Bowl
1 Floral Foam Ring
1 Floating Candle
8 approx. Blooms of Hydrangea
1 Short Block of Foam to raise the bowl a few inches (This could be anything)

1 Dozen Spray Roses (Optional)
1 Round Mirror (Optional)


The Flower

This beautiful centerpiece uses hydrangea, and we love hydrangea! It is one of the easiest flowers to decorate with because it is so big and full that it only takes a few stems or blooms to fill a space.

Hydrangea is available in a multitude of gorgeous colors that include pinks, purples, white, ivory, antique tones, beautiful light blues, and lime green. Hydrangea can also be sprayed to just about any wedding color if none of the aforementioned fit the bill.

Simply stuck into a floral foam ring drenched with a flower food mixture, each hydrangea bloom forms a tuft of incredibly beautiful color.

Floating Candles

Floating candles are available in wide assortment of colors, shapes and sizes. They even come in pretty shapes like flowers, seashells and so much more.

It looks fantastic when the candle and the flowers use all the colors of your palette. So, if the flowers pick up one color, consider candles that pick up another.

Votive Style Candles to Complement

We call these complementary centerpieces. They are smaller centerpieces that take the same flavor and color of the main centerpiece and spread it all around the table.

Here you see a lime-green candle floating in water over lime-green hydrangea petals, all in a clear glass votive. Each has an aqua ribbon with a pretty aqua butterfly cut-out attached to it. How cute is that!?

Try one at each place setting, or depending on the shape of your tables, spread these pretty complementary floating candle centerpieces around to make your table a sea of your wedding colors.

This super simple idea is a very easy and inexpensive way to add color and light all around the table!


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