Elegant Centerpieces
{ Pillar Candles in Hurricane Vases }

It's easy to make elegant centerpieces with pillar candles and hurricane vases. They are big, bold, and add tons of color to the table!

Pillar Candle in Hurricane Vase Ingredients

1 Hurricane Vase
1 Pillar Candle
Flower Heads

Clean the hurricane well. Wear rubber gloves to keep the glass clean. Add a little water, enough to float the flower heads. Place the candle in the hurricane. Arrange flower heads around the outside of the candle.

Optional Ideas for these Elegant Centerpieces

  • Change the color of the candles and or the flowers. This idea can be in ANY color you want! Use the colors from your choice of wedding color combinations (your color palette) to make bursts of color with this idea and all the other things you have on the table.

  • Use clear or colored beads instead or in addition to the flowers in the bottom of the hurricane vase.

  • Use a different shape vase for a variation on this look.

  • Add a decorative band around the vase. The band could be colored ribbon, a pretty garter-like band, or a garter-like band made with mini artificial flowers.
  • Use other style centerpieces to complement the hurricane vase. Elegant centerpieces often have other similar smaller centerpieces that complement them spread around the table. Our idea above has a rose on the plate and a medium size vase of roses on the table. { Use your hand to cover up one or two of the items. See how one is good, but how all three are even better and work together to really fill the table with beautiful color! }
  • Scatter small votive candles around the table to play off the larger candle.

Candles Come In Many Colors, Shapes and Sizes

This is a very obvious thing to point out, but so many brides lock into white candles and don't think about using color. Color, whether it comes from the flowers, the candles or both will make these elegant centerpieces come alive. Candles are available in just about every wedding color!

Variation of shape, height and color on a wedding table is eye candy! So, use the many different shapes and sizes to your advantage. Pillars can be short, tall, thin or fat. They can have one wick or several.

Use Accessory Pillar Candles

Truly make the tables come alive by using additional displays of flowers. Big or small they will spread color and beauty across the table and accentuate this wonderful centerpiece.

An excellent trick that we absolutely love is to use small, single flower displays in teacup size vases. Spreading these around the tables is a very easy and cost effective way to add lots of color and style. Be creative with the vases. Consider vases like tea cups, jars, egg cups, tins and so on to display them.

Other props are excellent too. Things like wedding favors, picture frames, bottles, creative table numbers and silver give additional interest to the tables with more shapes and displays of color. Think about your style and wedding theme ideas and use them to add fun, creative things to the tables for that "chic" look, that flavor that is all you.


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