5 Pretty Ideas
Using Decorative Vase Fillers

Five ideas using decorative vase fillers to add a little extra sparkle to wedding centerpieces. Fillers add color, interest and light to a clear glass vase.

Decorative Vase Fillers: Wedding Centerpieces

Ideas #1-2

The color theme here is pink, white and gold and the colored beads are used in a few different ways.

Charger Over A Clear Bowl  The first cool idea is the display at the front. It is actually a small clear bowl with pink beads and a charger placed on top. A half-round ball of roses completes the top of the arrangement.

Notice the mirror below. Mirrors like this are often used to add depth to the centerpiece. A good rule of thumb with mirrors is to make sure the mirror is smaller or looks secondary to the rest of the arrangement as it is here.

Flowers In Beaded Wine Glass  In the wine glass at the back, rose heads are settled in clear beads. The roses are lower in the glass to give the feeling they are in a terrarium setting.

These colored beads are actually not glass or plastic, but are a great product called Deco Beads. They are water storing gel beads. They are dry and very tiny to begin with and come in a small packet or jar. Once you add water they increase in size a hundred fold.

Deco Beads come in most wedding colors and can be custom tinted to several other colors. You don't have to use extra water with these cool little beads because they are designed to release water to the flowers as needed.


Idea #3

Some of the most common vase fillers are glass or plastic beads. Many shapes, sizes and colors are available and include rocks, diamonds, ice, ice cubes, round beads and many more.

Floating Flowers Over Glass Beads  This pretty idea has flowers floating just over the top of glass beads. Unlike idea #2 above, you actually see a water line here.

The mirror in this idea is really dominating this arrangement.

Idea #4

Clear Beads At The Bottom  So pretty! This simple flower arrangement is tied together and set in square plastic yellow beads and water.

This wedding centerpiece could have been done with or without the beads, but the yellow beads are a nice touch and do a good job accentuating the color of the arrangement.

Notice the flowers are tied together to keep them arranged in the vase. Floral wire is great for this, or a little ribbon will work too.

Tip: Tying the flower arrangement into a tight bunch beforehand makes it much easier to just stuff them into the beads or rocks.

Idea #5

Diamonds and Pearls  Diamonds and pearls are synonymous with weddings. So why shouldn't they also be one of the most popular decorative vase fillers.

This beautiful idea simply uses diamonds and a rose in an ornate wine glass. Pearls strewn over other arrangements on the table complete the look.

Diamonds like this can be purchased in bulk. You will need quite a few anyway to do several arrangements.

Decorative vase fillers can accentuate a wedding style, theme or color scheme. They are a great way to add interest to a vase and mix in a different look to contrast other similar centerpieces.


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