Easy Gerbera Daisy Centerpieces
{Gerberas in a Bud Vase}

Simple but so pretty! This gerbera daisy centerpieces idea is an illusion of a large, loosely-filled wedding centerpiece, but is actually four to five individual centerpieces. When standing at the edge of the reception, the scattered groups of centerpieces look like a luscious field of flowers.


The Secret is the Bud Vase

Gerbera daisies have soft stems so many of them will lop unless you brace each stem with wire. Why bother? The narrow mouth of the bud vase holds the loppy stems of the flowers tight. This keeps each small grouping closely knit and minimizes lop. These are fresh-cut style daisy centerpieces and I am sure that many of you will agree that the flowers here look gorgeous lopping a little bit, doing what gerbera daisies like to do!


Optional Ideas for these Daisy Centerpieces

  • Use colored bud vases.
  • Use different colored flowers. See flowers by color.
  • Add clear or colored-glass beads to the bottom of each vase. You could also use rocks, pearls, or diamond cut beads.
  • Use different shape bud vases. Narrow mouth bottles also make good bud vases.


Gerbera Daisy Colors

Gerbera daisies come in wide variety of yummy natural wedding colors that include many shades of red, purple, pink, white, yellow, ivory, peach and orange! The color bar above shows what you can get, and there are even more. They also come in different color centers (the stigma - either black, green or yellow) each of which gives a different look to the flower. All of these fun variations will give you lots of choices for the look of your wedding.


Gerbera Daisy Tidbits

Gerbera (or Gerber) daisies are hearty flowers that will easily withstand the abuse of an entire wedding day. Simply keep them happy by making sure they always have lots of clean water. Because of their immense popularity, they are available any time of year. It is very helpful that the blooms are large because it makes them easy to arrange, and since they take up a lot of room in a flower arrangement, they are also cost-effective!

{Flower Accent Centerpiece} This is a super easy flower to accent a wedding table with because one bloom is big enough, and has enough color and interest to make a small accent wedding centerpiece. Oh, you can use more, but just one will do the trick.

You can easily place one bloom in a cup, an egg cup, a small bottle or a votive holder and set it anywhere on the table. Do that a few times and you will have tons more color!

{Floating Flower Accent Centerpiece} Flowers floating in water are gorgeous. Create floating gerbera daisy centerpieces by floating one bloom in a small bowl or another unique container. If the container were a little bigger, a small floating candle could be added for ambience. This is a beautiful and simple way to add color and light. Click here for more candle centerpiece ideas.

{Gerbera Daisy Wedding Favor} What about a wedding favor with a Gerbera daisy accent? There are many favors that have flowers as part of their design. Set one on each plate and you will have a beautiful table decoration and a beautiful thank you for your guests.

Simple Gerbera daisy centerpieces like these are perfect if you want a wedding reception with a loose and carefree style with a big show of color! It is easy to make the colors take up a lot of the table because the individual bud vases can be spread out. Since the blooms of the Gerbera daisies are so big, it only takes a dozen or so flowers to make a ton of color and style!


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