Creative Centerpieces
Using Lemons and Limes

Creative centerpieces help make your wedding reception beautiful, memorable, fun, and full of surprises.

The use of fruit such as lemons, limes, oranges, apples and pears makes for a beautiful and unique presentation. The colors are strong and there is a certain decorative romance that automatically goes along with them.

The wedding centerpiece ideas below can be easily tweaked to use any fruits, flowers or colors. Simply use the color palette you have chosen to use for your entire wedding as your guide.

Lemons and Limes for Creative Centerpieces

You can substitute any flower for the daisies shown here. The lemons and limes are placed in a terracotta potting container around a white candle. Fill the container about two-thirds full with water. Cut the flower stems long enough to reach the bottom of the container. The yellow pail with daisies is another creative centerpiece that complements the lemons and adds more visual interest to the table.


This arrangement is wonderfully simple. Plop a lemon or lime into a margarita glass. Cut the stems of your flowers to about ½ inch long. Float a large flower with a color from your scheme in the middle. Surround the large center flower with white button poms.


{ Striking wedding tables usually have beautifully creative centerpieces, but rarely do they stop there. Usually the entire table is decorated as though it were a centerpiece by using complementary colors in the linens, favors, plate décor, candles and smaller complementary centerpieces. This is table design 101, 202, and 303 rolled into one. If you use your colors effectively on the tables, your reception will be wedding magazine beautiful. }

This container is actually upside down, though really you could go either way. The base plate is filled with a small amount of water with daisy heads evenly placed around the perimeter.

It usually only takes a few ranunculus to make an arrangement look good because the blooms are so large. There are only five flowers in this arrangement. Cut a piece of floral foam about one inch smaller than the inside of the container. Saturate the foam with floral food-water mix. Fill the perimeter with water and sliced limes. Poke five ranunculus into the floral foam (Other large blooms like large roses, gerbera daisies and hydrangea would also work well and keep the same feel.). The lime juice in the water will actually help prolong the life of your flowers.

Here are just a few wedding color combinations with yellow or lime that may inspire you. Click on one to go to the yellows or greens color palette page.

Spread your color around the table. Try decorating a lime and placing it on each plate. Maybe wrap the decorative lime in green tulle or wind a curly twist of green paper around it. Maybe put one similar flower in small cups and scatter them around the table. You can paint objects such as the pail above to match your colors. What about egg cups with a lemon or lime in each? Getting creative with papers and fabrics is a very inexpensive way to spruce up a table with color. Wrapping containers in wallpaper is a great way to add colorful design to the table. Use colorful linens. A simple colorful napkin does wonders for extending the colors of the table!

The section called 7 Easy Steps outlines basic steps to making creative centerpieces and your colors come together to form a beautiful table.

Using lemons and limes is a fantastic way to add color and interest to a table. There are countless ways you can display them to show off their beauty and color. Use the ideas above to help you think outside the box for your theme.


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