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Cheap Wedding Centerpieces
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Cheap ideas that are so Chic! The idea behind cheap wedding centerpieces is to do more with less without sacrificing anything, and in fact end up with more color , and the appearance of far more flowers and beauty throughout the wedding and reception.

Cheap Wedding Centerpieces: Ideas and Tips

Creative ideas for cheap wedding centerpieces can chop big chunks off the wedding budget by combining creative and cost-effective flower arrangements with vases that have good color and style. Wedding tables and the whole reception can be filled with stunning color for a fraction of the cost.

Wedding centerpieces; the flowers and the vases they are in, shape the look and feel of the wedding reception and any location where they are placed including reception tables, greeting tables, favor tables and displays throughout the wedding.

Tips for Cheap Wedding Centerpieces

Good Use of Flowers
Many cheap wedding centerpieces have excellent use of flowers and space. Less expensive flowers and better use of flowers and vases can allow you to spread that beautiful flower color out.

The hydrangea is a perfect example and a gorgeous wedding flower all on its own! One or two blooms can easily fill a vase. Multiply that times four or five displays on a large or long table and you can very cheaply and easily decorate that table.

Flower Budget
Creating cheap wedding centerpieces has a lot to do with flower budget. Budget decorating is not only about how little you spend, but how much you can do with the things you buy. You can buy a small but expensive wedding centerpiece for every table, but that centerpiece may just not fill that table with enough color and beauty to justify what you have spent.

  • Buy flowers and use them in a way that fills your wedding tables with color. Bigger flowers cover more area in a centerpiece, so therefore you need fewer flowers.
  • Some average size wedding centerpiece ideas have only one or two flowers in them. Using these is a cost-effective way to decorate because you can easily spread several of them out on a table or scatter them around the reception to add splashes of color.
  • Some simple wedding centerpieces are small, single flower displays. These are cheap additions to bigger centerpieces that add tons of table color. You can plop them anywhere on the table to fill in low areas around the bigger centerpieces or all the way out to the place settings to add color and style closer to the guests.

Table Color
Cheap wedding centerpieces are not only about the centerpiece itself, but about the whole table and using colors and style to make the whole table a centerpiece. Small accessory centerpieces, table cloths, favors, napkins, decorations, and place cards are outstanding and inexpensive ways to add color away from the centerpiece. All that color and style makes the whole table prettier, not just the centerpiece in the middle. The result is that centerpieces don't need to be large because the have such a great supporting cast of other stylish elements with color.

Flower Choice
The choices of wedding flowers are of course extensive.

  • Choose flowers by color, and in combinations of your wedding colors. If a flower is not available in your colors, choose another flower that is. There are so many beautiful flowers that any good florist can make a stunning arrangement in your colors that fits your style.
  • Choose flowers that express your wedding style. Some flowers are stylistically a little more appropriate for some themes or styles than others. (e.g. You probably would not use bird of paradise in a country wedding). Some flowers are stringy and ratty; some are long and elegant, while others are soft and fluffy. What look do you want? You can go with one or the other, a combination, or anything in between.

The Important Vase
Cheap wedding centerpieces rely heavily on interesting vases. A unique vase adds so much character and color to an arrangement that it again eliminates the need for a massive centerpiece.

  • Use vases that accentuate your style, color scheme and flowers. They will improve the look of the table.
  • Choose vases that have lots of style. They don't have to be expensive. Look how much character is in a simple colored mason jars for example. The mason jar says chic, country, vintage, simplicity and downplayed elegance. It decorates the table with style that shapeless, plain glass vases simply cannot do.
  • There are millions of wonderful vase possibilities both large and small that will help you put color in the middle and all around the table. Vases can be just about anything that will hold water with virtually limitless choices of shape, size and color. The vase is a big part of every display. To not choose a vase that fits your wedding design, look and feel is a mistake.

Cheap wedding centerpieces also benefit from variety. Variety creates visual interest and again allows one to do more with less because the eyes dance around at the different shapes and sizes of arrangements, not the number of flowers. Visual interest tricks not only beautify the wedding, but allow you to do more with less because they create eye candy.

  • Many wedding reception tables are long or big and require multiple arrangements. Consider varying the height of those arrangements to create more visual interest.
  • Vary the number of flowers in arrangements to create visual interest. You can use single flower centerpieces both tall and short in combination with multiple flower arrangements to create variation of height and shape.
  • Varying the colors of flowers within each arrangement creates visual interest. You can vary the color or the shade of a color. Your wedding color combinations (your color palette) will give you the perfect possibilities for these choices.
  • Vary the types of flowers from arrangement to arrangement.
  • Vary the height, shape, size or even color of the vases. Use the style of vases to your advantage. They are a powerful part of the table.
  • Use other objects on the table to create variation and visual interest such as creative table numbers, favors, decorations, place cards and so on that play off the colors and style of the centerpieces.

The Rule of Height
The rule of height for wedding centerpieces is that they should be low enough or tall and thin enough to allow the guests to make visual contact across the table. A tall and wide centerpiece will discourage conversation by blocking the guests’ view of each other.

Tall centerpieces usually need taller, bigger vases which usually cost more than shorter vases. Keeping centerpieces to a reasonable height will help keep the cost down, and improve the guests’ experience at the same time.

Using Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

It is important when looking at wedding centerpiece ideas to imagine them with your colors. Even though most ideas for beautifully cheap wedding centerpieces may not be shown in your colors, many of those same flowers can be obtained in your colors or substituted with similar flowers in your colors.

Tip: Choose your perfect centerpiece by choosing an idea you like. Then, tweak the flowers, colors and vases to suit your wedding style.

The type of flowers in many of the arrangements can also be changed to suit your personal taste, style and theme. If you like the look of an arrangement but the flowers are not exact to your wedding look and feel, keep that arrangement in mind and consider tweaking the flowers to your style.

Know that changing the look of the vase will change the entire look and feel of an arrangement. If you like the flowers but not the vase, picture those flowers in a different vase that better suits your theme and style.

Centerpieces Are Theme, Style and Color

Wedding centerpieces, the vases and the flowers in them, express the theme, style and colors of the wedding. They are the center of attention of every reception table and they are the most noticeable fixture when you stand back and look at the room.

Centerpieces are one of the best opportunities of the reception to express the style and personality of your wedding. It is so easy to build character into your centerpieces once you have a firm grasp of what your wedding style is. Use existing ideas and build upon them to create a look and feel that is perfect for you.

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