Beautifully Messy
Centerpiece Flower Arrangements

Beautifully messy centerpiece flower arrangements are wonderful displays of beautiful clutter. Gorgeous wedding centerpieces like these are really a collection of simple centerpieces surrounded by lots of different flowers, vases, fabrics and candles all in different shapes and colors.

Beautifully Messy Centerpiece Vases

Here pop-like bottles or medicine bottles are used as the vases. Then small, uniquely shaped bowls are added to float a few flower heads in. A little taller and a little short will keep your visitors eyes busy, a wonderful little trick that is so easy to do by changing up the height of the wedding vases.

Be creative with your vases. Remember that the vase is half the wedding centerpiece and it has almost as much to do with the look and feel of the centerpiece as the flowers.

{Unexpected vase shapes are usually the most visually interesting.}

We tend to write off interesting vase ideas because we think things like, "They look like pop bottles or crates. I can't use them." You have to remember that the flowers and the variety of other shapes and colors on the table will make details like this gorgeous. The best wedding designers are all about details because details are very effective in making weddings more beautiful and memorable.

Look at the candy dish. It has a beautiful apothecary jar feel to it. It gives more height to the display, and it adds a ton of color with the candies. By the way, what are the colors of this wedding? Pinks and lime green with aqua, brown and tan accents right?! This is a wonderful and popular wedding color palette.

Beautifully Messy Centerpiece Flowers

Here we see all daisies in these wedding centerpiece flower arrangements. They are standing in the bottles, floating in the bowls of water, and heads are scattered on the surface of the table. Daisies are hardy and inexpensive wedding flowers that are perfect for so many wedding themes and styles. Yet, there are many wedding flowers that will work perfect with this messy idea.

Hydrangea is certainly one we love that is both a little messy and gorgeous at the same time. What about football or spider mums? What about dahlias, ranunculus, peonies or gerbera daisies?

Beautifully Messy Centerpiece Accessories

The most obvious here is the candy jar. It is colorful and statuesque. But if you look more closely there are also lost of small pink, green and clear candle jars. Each and every one of these adds another little splash of color to the table.

Distressed fabric underlies the whole presentation. This particular fabric has a bit of a country or rustic look to it. Fabrics are an excellent way to give a different look to a table and there are thousands of textures and colors to choose from.

Some Options for this Idea

  • Choose different flowers for a different look.
  • Change the type and or color of the fabric.
  • Use vases that suit your theme and style.
  • Use colored vases.
  • Make your wedding favors a part of the arrangement.
  • Consider using some silver containers. Silver is elegant and will add a little extra spark to the arrangement.
  • Flower petals scattered around the table instead of flower heads can work very nicely.

As you can see, messy can be quite beautiful. The centerpiece flower arrangements don't have to be complex to make it look amazing; they just have to be surrounded by other colorful shapes and textures.

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