Pretty Beach Centerpieces
Using Blue Mason Jars

Blue mason jars have the colors of tropical waters built right into them. Their character and style makes them excellent wedding vases. They make wedding centerpieces a special and memorable part of the wedding which is exactly what you want your centerpieces to do.

Your blue mason jars can be decorated in a million different ways. Try using different Beach Wedding Centerpiece Props to create your own unique look and feel. We decided to use a combination of white rocks, seashells, candles and hydrangea. The mason jars are tall enough to make a great hurricane lamp that will protect the candle from the beach breezes. Rocks were added to the bottom then a candle was placed on top of them. Seashells were just dropped around the outside of the candle. That is pretty much it. We think they are gorgeous.

The flowers can be any flower in any color. Use flower colors that come from your wedding color combinations palette. We used lime-green, but there are many other gorgeous colors that go with this tone of blue.

With or without flowers these mason jars look so pretty. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create oodles of these and spread them all over your reception.

About Blue Mason Jars

Why Glass Turns Blue
Copper is present in the glass of mason jars. Over time the copper oxidizes and turns the glass a blue or aqua color. Many people collect antique mason jars and antique blue glass.

How We Made These Mason Jars
These are not actually antique blue mason jars. They are new mason jars that have been painted with clear finish dyed with food coloring.You can learn how to do this in the how to make colored mason jars tutorial. It's actually very easy and a lot of fun.

We love this broken glass look for beach weddings. The blue glass complements the blue mason jars. It is really easy to spread these pieces of glass across any table and create pretty rows or shapes.

Blue and Aqua Color Combinations

Your beach wedding can take on a whole new look with a different choice of colors. Oranges and bright pinks lend more to a tropical look. You can simplify and go more ornate with blue and silver or blue and black. Aqua has a little more green in it, and looks wonderful with a variety of brighter colors. Turquoise is another variation of blue to consider. It also looks amazing with a lot of brighter colors that will make a beach wedding come alive.

Brown is an often overlooked wedding color that adds a gorgeous earthiness to a wedding. In the case of beach weddings it will allow you to add many tropical articles like coconuts, nets and many other woody decorations that create a unique tropical feel. Brown and tropical colors are gorgeous color combinations to consider.


Options For These Centerpieces

  • Sand of course is an excellent beach prop. You can use actual sand in your dry candle centerpieces, but Epsom salt is a great alternative. We often use Epsom salt because it is pure white and it provides a better contrast of color than tan sand. When flowers and water are involved, white plastic sand-like fillers are excellent.

  • What about other colored bottles instead of mason jars? There are thousands of other bottles that either go great with mason jars or would look great instead. Bottles that can take on the look of the message-in-a-bottle are very much worth considering and ridiculously easy to come by. We love using colors rather than clear glass because they add so much more spice to a table. Arranging them with controlled chaos, even tipping a few over would be highly appropriate for a beach wedding.

  • Using different props inside and out of the vase will completely change the look of the centerpiece and the table. There are many different beach themes that include traditional, tropical, fun-in-the-sun and many more that beach wedding centerpiece props help define.

  • We used short pillar candles. What about floating candles? Fill a blue mason jar about half to two-thirds full of water and float a candle. Below it you can create your own sea floor with sand, shells, rocks and beads.

  • Decorate the outside of the blue mason jars. An easy way to do this is to simply tie a colored ribbon around the neck of the jar. We love white lace too and it makes a great contrast of style with so many of the rough tropical beach props. Try tying a bow around or wrapping a portion of the jar in wide ribbon lace. It will look so beautiful!


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