Beach Wedding Ideas for Your Beach Theme Wedding

Beach wedding ideas for the beach theme wedding are fun, romantic and everything in between. The beach theme is extremely flexible, so even though it’s a beach wedding, it can take on just about any style and mood that you would want it to be.

Beach Wedding Concept

Fun beach wedding ideas might include surf boards, sunglasses, or sand castles. You can make it as fun or silly as you want. The theme can twist to be about the beach, sea life, boats, or just fun in the sun. It can be about a tropical beach, or it can be about a California beach.

A beach wedding can also have all the flair of an elegant church wedding and reception. It could even be a black tie affair. Ideas might include aisle runners’, pew bows on the chairs and all the trimmings of a church wedding. Why not have wine at the beach with great breads, dips and fancy hors-d ’oeuvres.

Beach Wedding Colors

Whites, blues and tropical colors are often used for beach wedding color themes but really just about any color scheme is appropriate and will look fantastic. Make your beach wedding your own and use your favorite color. The beach is very forgiving because your background is typically sand and sky. So, you can make your flowers and decorations your favorite color without conflict. Your wedding theme and wedding color palette intertwine with one another and they are both extremely important to the planning process. So be sure to make both these decisions before you dig too much into beach wedding ideas and try to do any real planning.

Here are some samples of possible color combinations. Clicking on any one of them will take you to the summer wedding color palettes page.


Flower arrangements can vary from exotic and tropical to simple and elegant. If the reception is outside you probably want to keep the centerpieces low in case of wind, otherwise you can be as creative as you want. Maybe bring a little home to your beach wedding ideas by incorporating pictures onto the table. Candles are excellent for romantic beach wedding tables.

If you are ready to get specific with the reception table, the section called The Building Blocks to Great Beach Wedding Centerpieces provides excellent detail of beach wedding ideas for centerpieces.

There is a broad range of style for beach wedding dresses. They vary from extremely elaborate and elegant all the way to a simple sarong. There is no real right or wrong, except to consider you might be standing on sand. Many brides want a long train, while others don't want the dress to drag in the sand and opt for a shorter style.

Brainstorm: Beach Wedding Ideas

Tiki torches, grass skirts, seashell candles, coconut bowls, parrots, raffia skirting on table, pineapple, blue green tablecloths and decor, blue skirting, Caribbean music playing, Caribbean cd as wedding favor, make small seafood recipe book and decorate, tropical style cocktails, fish netting on walls, color water in centerpiece blue or aqua, seashells, starfish, sand, sea life, beach, Island, tanning, beach fun, beach toys, beach chairs, flip flops, lighthouses, seaweed, sand, fish, beach scene, sand bottles, fish bowls, low bowl sand and flower, floating flowers, seashell candles, seashells in water with floating candles, orchids, sunscreen, surf boards, zinc, sunglasses, toe thongs, sarongs, beach wedding dresses, rolled up khaki pants and a white shirt, tuxedo, leis, romantic, fun, playful, tropical, California beach, island, island fruit, coconuts, tropical flowers.

Beach Wedding Flower Suggestions

Forget-me-nots, Blue or White Hydrangea, Blue Chip Campanula, Blue Fringed Daisy, Gerbera Daisy, Delphinium, Morning Glory, Hibiscus, Bachelor Button, Plumeria, Lily, Iris, Orchid, Frangipani, Bird of Paradise, Dahlia, Protea, Anthuriums, Ranunculus, Peony, Roses and Tulips are all often used for beach weddings. You don't have to go with tropical flowers at all for the wedding to say "beach". Stay within your color palette and you will be just fine. Try searching for your flowers by color to make an easy go of choosing the best flowers for you.


The beach wedding theme is very flexible and can take a variety of looks and feels. Be sure to consider the mood you want to create first: fun, playful, romantic, personal, and then collect your beach wedding ideas based on that mood. Think about the ideas above and begin to make a list of your own that outlines how you want it to be. Write as fast as you can, don't edit, just keep writing and let the ideas flow.

So check it out.

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