Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Ideas for beach wedding centerpieces for the budget bride. There are many possible styles of beach weddings. Each one has a potentially different selection of wedding flowers, colors, favors and wedding decorations. The centerpieces should reflect that style.

Beach Centerpieces


3+ Beach Centerpiece Tips

Beach centerpieces, just like traditional wedding centerpieces, can take on any range of emotion or elegance. They can be happy, fun, ornate, casual or quaint, or so many other moods. You need to determine which mood suits you and the feeling you want your reception to project.

{TIP} Understand Your Style
Some of the best advice we can give you that will help you make your decisions is to understand your beach wedding style. Learn as many of the little design elements for that style as you can and take note of those you love. (The sections titled the 5 Steps and Parts and Pieces are great tools to help you do this.) Your style will dictate the elements you choose, and the elements you choose will create the look and feel of your wedding centerpieces and tables.

Your ideas should come from a very specific theme and/or sub-theme. Of course your theme is a beach wedding, but almost always there is a sub-theme that further defines the theme. That is where wedding theme ideas come in. Having specific wedding theme ideas no matter what you choose will truly help you make great decisions with your centerpieces, wedding table, wedding style and all the little colorful things that go into the wedding. (A theme or sub-theme can literally be about anything. It can be a color, an object like lace, an object that tells something about you, a feeling like 'airy', a specific theme like country, a style like vintage and so much more.)

Centerpieces are the main focal point of the reception. They create the interest, they tell the story, and they bring out the colors. The shapes, colors, textures, and elements you use on every table should flow together to create picturesque displays of your style.

{TIP} Accent With Colorful Things
Beach wedding centerpieces will add color to every table, but don't stop there. Throughout the pages of this website we highly encourage you to take a few simple steps that will not only significantly beautify the entire table, but keep the cost down. Do this by using smaller to medium sized centerpieces, then accentuate the colors of your theme by using colorful creative items like candles, ribbons, linens, small decorative and design accessories, favors and so on to spread those colors out across the table.

{TIP} Use Colorful Linens
You can add tons of color to your reception very simply by adding colored tablecloths, table runners and or colored chair covers. The tables are big surfaces (the biggest and most noticeable in the room) that are an easy opportunity to add big splashes of color that will have a huge overall impact on the look of the reception. Using colored tablecloths will cheaply and easily create a sea of yummy color! Imagine the room filled with your wedding colors - aqua, tangerine, sky blue, bright pink...

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