Easy Wedding Centerpieces
and Reception Table Ideas

A budget brides' inspirational guide for wedding centerpieces and reception tables.


If you are looking to discover how to plan and choose wedding centerpiece and reception table ideas that perfectly fit your dreams, I think you will be excited about what you will find here. This site is dedicated to sharing simple design steps, tips, and inspirational wedding ideas that will make your decisions and doing much easier. It will help you take your own vision and make it grow into a wonderful theme that makes your centerpieces and reception tables come alive.

You will soon discover that there are many looks, colors and styles you could go with, but really all you need to do is refine your style, find the things you love, pull them together into a theme and make it your own.

The guides about wedding color combinations and wedding style ideas will help you quickly determine your own personal look and feel, your style. These are simple decisions, some of which you may have already made. Even if you have already made these decisions, you should study these sections anyway because they will most likely help you refine your style and give you more wedding ideas.

"Your colors and theme/s are vital not only to your wedding reception and centerpieces, but to your whole wedding planning process." - easy-wedding-centerpieces.com.

They are the backbone of all of your wedding choices from dresses, flowers, decorations, locations - everything you will incorporate throughout your wedding. If you make these two decisions early in the planning process, all the decisions that follow will be so much easier.

As you explore this site, I hope you quickly realize that a beautiful table is almost always far more than just a well done centerpiece - that although the centerpiece is the center of attention, the way the centerpiece/s are displayed and the things and colors that accent the centerpiece/s and the table, make the centerpiece/s and the table come alive. Pay close attention to how easily colors and even the simplest of creative items draw your eye out to the edges of a table making the whole table a beautiful centerpiece.

This site is not about secrets or tricks - it is about simple steps, ideas, tools and lots of inspiration that can make wedding centerpiece and table decorating decisions so much easier.

I have been a professional designer and photographer for many years. During that time I have met so many brides looking for a little nudge that would take their ideas to the next level. This is my collection of nudges and inspiration to lovingly share with all of you. I truly hope they help you and I hope you enjoy!


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